Staying unique and true 


I find It Is so easy to get inundated and overwhelmed by celebrity culture and want to emulate most of what we see. Whilst doing this we sometimes become a clone of the next person, forgetting and rolling over that unique part of us. 

To be Unique is to be ; The only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

It Is so odd to think that  you can achieve this by doing absolutely nothing different. You, the way you were born, your sense of humour,  your perspective, your tender blend of personality is UNIQUE. 

We are so use to having to alter something to get it right ie..  skincare, hair, makeup, fashion, etc.. so of course, Naturally, our belief is  that something else has to change In order for us to achieve that wonderful status of Uniqueness.  But really and truly it doesn’t,  Being true to yourself alone Is channelling and building upon that natural uniqueness that lives within you. 

The devil in this field in comparison, when you compare yourself to others you may feel Inadequate, but I can bet you are comparing based on one element. Her hair is longer, Her arms are more toned, She is much funnier, He is more wedge. 

Listen someone will always have one thing better than you, but as a culmination does that person  have the longer hair, the motivated mentality, the work ethic, the badass legs, the incredible eyes, the caring nature you have, Absolutely not. Never compare in isolation. 

You as a whole are wonderful and unique and the earlier you hone in on that, the happier you will be. So embrace your difference and use it as your selling point, cause I promise you… It probably Is. 

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