Reflection #2

Reflection is the key to growth. being able to assess your past so far is instrumental to plotting your sucess moving forward

It’s not about regrets 

It’s about revision 

There may be a need for your mindset , outlook , frame of mind even. This means if a situation which was presented in your past was to re- ocurr you  would be able to act in a different manner that would serve a better result. 

As time passes me by having just had my 25th birthday. It is a monumental time for me . Moving out of early twenties To late nn with this transition I am more than willing to attain control of all aspects my being and my journeys. Thier outcomes and thier process

Being able t assess and look back at my years since graduating drama school , then to Atlanta and New York for 3 months then Paris  for 3 months  then Nigeria for 8 months  then back to London , where I’ve been back for nearly a year now I look back at my journeys the laughs the people I love.getting itchy feet again. Ready to deposit myself in another climate full of new people mindsets and behaviours. 

Looking back helps me put into perspective where I want to go allows me to analyse and appreciate my past and train for the future. The only thing that is constant in the life is change . So I’m always ready for it !! 

Before my next moves I ask myself these questions 

  1. Doesn’t make this serve my greater purpose 
  2. Does it make me happy
  3. Does this challenge me 
  4. Will this allow me to evolve as a person 

My answers are always yes ! If not then the action must be reviewed

Xoxo lola xoxo .

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