Essence of hard work #3

I think so many people dream of where they wish to be and their ultimate goals for themselves. It seems it has become all to easy to dream without quite putting the plan of action to place in order to make that dream reality.

Maybe because we more often than not are presented with the outcome or the goal without much insight into the process so its hard to understand the gravity of work put in to get to that result.

. Any body anywhere at any position of success worked hard. I mean disclaimer everybody definition of hard work differs yes. but none the less hard work was in there somewhere.

a little backstory

I use to think Kim Kardashian had no credence and i didn’t respect her, I still don’t much but before i would attribute what was her lack of ethics and maybe morals for lack of hard work, but to post selfies and be able to own the over-sexualisation market is not easy ( no sarcasm here I’m sure its not )…

I prefer a woman like beyonce’s who’s hard work can be read in the veins on her forehead, you can see she is not a woman who has everything easy. she has worked and continues to work tirelessly to stay ahead of the game in every way shape and form . I like her ethics and i think she is an incredible role model for young girls and woman. in her actions she shows poise power and sex appeal l that is so incredible feminine and inspiring, and she motivates women to be strong and love themselves. the attributes i believe Kim lacks she from my perspective creates a narrative that makes one insecure, the uproar of lip fillers and booty jobs since the 2016 because of the kadarshan ladies is just out of this world, now thats not positivity. . But it doesn’t matter hard work is hard work.

so back to the matter. wherever you wish to get to, in order to stand out and be excellent in that field or even be noticed boo. you got your work cut out for you. You have tout in the 100.00 + hours.

so here are 5 tips from me to channel your passion mixed with your hard work to start to push yourself that step closer to achieving your goals.

Write it down.
its proven that you are 49% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down


t is vital to be aware of the current inhabitants in your field study trends and patterns in order to orchestrate your own direction whether to go agains the trend and follow it. Being equipped with that knowledge puts you in a great place and boosts your rate of success.


communicate with people in and out of your desired field in order to get information on what to do
you might get advice on the latest trend or an event or a person who has done just wha you plan to do who can possible give you insight. It might not go that way but at least you also by communication put yourself out there as a person interested in that field. which again is pro-active and it further solidifies your desire in that field.



surprise your self, fuck up the trend go left


Don’t let perfection stop you from starting
Its a short film – WRITE IT
its a E book – DO IT
its modelling – GET IT
Its a Job – BOOK IT
its a restaurant – GET IT
its a youtube channel – START IT

Don’t let fear stop you from making the first step.
you never want to live a life of regret so go ahead and do it .
I believe in you .

I leave you with this quote.

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