EP. 001 With Isobella Hubbard : Re-affirmations and exploring creativity

We are in the world of a brilliant scottish actress trained on scotland soil and London town. Isobella Hubbard has worked In film, commericial, Theatre and TV. She has recently added filmmaker and writer to her title this year with her new film ‘Beat it’ . The short film so wonderfully sheds some light on mental health and its manifestations. 

In this episode we delve Into Isobella’s Journey and really explore what acting  and writing means to her With many laughs along the way. The themes discussed within the episode are highlighted below.

  • The pressure of being an Actor
  • Coping mechanisims to help move through any self – doubt 
  • How to keep mentally healthy with an acceptance that sometimes it ok to not be ok. 
  • The importance of building a condusive community as a creative. 
  •  lastly chit chat about the Industry and self growth.

What you really came for  Is Isabella’s Killer Jamaican accent and my show stopping Irish accent at 39:42 Minutes. ENJOY

Stay connected with our budding creatives. Isobella is set to film a new Feature in july and will be spreading her comedic content through the BBC the social series. Stay up to date with Isobella.

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