Building your community

Hi Guys, This is a very brief post about the power of community.

So by now hopefully you know that I have a podcast, where I Speak to Creatives about their journeys  and achivements within the creative Industry in order to enlighten performers, Share Knowledge and create healthy Conversation on topics not often discussed.  One of the biggest things that have been re-occurant within those conversations is the importance of community . Im sharing 3 strong reasons pulled from these converstaions why Cultivating a community should be a very important focus for all creatives. 

1.  Having a safe community that motivates you to share; a comfortable Judgement free zone where you can discuss your fears and worries. Its great for your mental health and wellness.   

2. Having a Community of people who are motivated and passionate about thier craft will eventually rub off on you on your off days. You will not feel Isolated and alone in this tough journey.  

3. Having a community of people who are creative in different aspects will open your eyes to  different opportunitities, events, Networking ventures that would  ordianairyly be daunting . It could also Creat wider exposure for you which will always build confidence.

I personally value community and believe in it very strongly. Your network of people really govern how far you can go. When you surround yourself with the best kind of support thats when you are able to maximise your talents and soar. 

I hope you are blessed to be surrounded by Humble, Harworking Creatives. If you struggle to find a community. You are always welcome in mine. Join the tribe.

Hope you find this helpful. You can listen to the podcast on ITUNES | SOUNDCLOUD   

xoxo Lola xoxo 

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