EP.003 with Rose Concencion : Defining your Idea of success

Commercial and Print, Runway and Fashion week Rose has experienced it all, signed by Jag Models New York and Models one in London. Rose trained as an actress In Holland and UK and she has embraced her modeling career alongside her acting ventures. She talks truthfully about stradiling the lines of two creative ventures and how to make the right decisions. She is a true Hardworker who is motivated by a passion for performance.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  •  life after schooling
  • Identifying opportunities
  • How to navigate your way to the top
  • The  pressure of aging and success
  • The effect of seeing representation In mature women in the industry
  • The lack of representation in Modeling in the UK
  • The Importantce of Perfecting your creative tools as an artist
  • The longevity in the Acting career
  • The value of networking In the Industy
  • Knowing How to stand out
  • The Financial struggles of being a creative
  • Defining your Idea of success
  • The Importance of adopting a safe community for sharing
  • Learning to seek validation from those that matter
  • 5 points for bettering yourself in any Industry  😂


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