EP.002 with Jordan Shaw : Cultivating Your Brand and staying grounded

Jordan Shaw is a Tenacious and Motivated performer who has graced the stage In a myriad of productions, you might have seen him in  Motown, Ziggfield Follies, Misaigon, Cats, Tick Tick Boom, Its only Life, Scottsbroboys. He is Currently playing in Motown,  he moves into the National Theatre for an exciting new project Later this year.

A performer with passion is a performer that will  not stop till they reach thier goal. Jordan Shaw is the epiotomy of that,  a performer who walks the walk and talks the talk. When you merge Self Discipline with Vision in a hardworking shell this is what you get.

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Things we talk about in the episode :

  • How Success In Musical Theatre is objective
  • The feeling of Inspiration that comes when you teach
  • The effect of being inspired by a peer and classmate
  • The result of too much pressure
  • The power of gratitude as a key to longevity
  • The Importance of black represetation in Musical Theatre
  • Why you dont need to compare yourself to others
  • When to start saying no to Certain Auditions
  • Understanding how to Build a work ethic that Is unshakeable
  • How Investing In your Talents will pay off
  • How To Continuously stay In control of your tools
  • The Importance of staying mentally grounded
  • Undertsanding that rejection is part of this Industry
  • Why you need a good support system In others and Yourself
  • Jordan Gives us a Killer Rap 😂

Links from this episode:

  • Jordans first Influence In performance |Lizzie Connolly
  • Jordans Dream Shows, Parade| Fame | Chorus line
  • Jordans Musical Theatre Inspiration | Elaine Strip

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