EP. 004 With Madeleine Dittrich: Facing fear with action and staying Unique

An Ethereal Godess and a fearless beauty, Madeleine Dittrich is a true representation of passion, Fresh from her debut EP release self titled Madeleine Dittrich.  Maddy shares with us what it is to follow your heart and be true to your calling.  The Fear of sharing did not stop her from releasing her sound to the world. Trained in Musical Theatre Madeleine explains her journey of accepting her uniqueness and shows us that honeing your voice and your individuality will always serve you. A little snippet of her song Soon Is shared at the end of the podcast, so make sure you catch her sound.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

    • The liberation that comes from walking into your purpose
    • Not being moulded Into Someone Idea of  perfection
    • The Idea of letting your Individual talent flourish
    • Identifying artist in the industry to emulate
    • Understanding your responsibility as an artist
    • Being concious of your music and its Impact on your audience
    • The Importance of seeing your talent as a Business
    • The Strugglues of self branding
    • Understanding how to limit negative Influence
    • The slow Journey of  being Unsigned
    • The way to shape your career based on Current social trends
    • The pro and cons of Social Media
    • Learning to seek validation from those that matter
    • Staying grounded with support good and bad
    • Listen now:

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