Staying Creative

Hi guys this is a 3 step tip sheet for getting creative In a place far from home.


Watch a show 


 When in a new location one of the things I do is google the nearest theatre and go and see a show, not only does that give your purpose and keep you rejuvinated for the journey ahead but I think you are likely to get talking to people in the theatre and feel more comfortable about your journey.


 Write to people who live in the city 


 I without fail will Communicate with someone in the city, I Would certainly suggest the same. Whether it is an old classmate, a tutor, an actress or performer you admire, someone In your industry whether far fetched or not i will drop them a line on which ever social media platform or email that i feel mist comfortable with and are likely  will get the most response and i see what happens if it pans out you have a coffe meet with someone who you can get some Information out of if it doesnt oh well.




Put yourself in places with likeminded people so you can get Information and communicate with those that may be able to help you.  This could be events,, It could be a class it could be a talk It could be a group. Do the right research and throw yourselg in head first to get the best result.


In  everyone of these examples if you have a willing mind and a passionate exterior you will attract the right people who will help you along your journey.


I believe in you. If you have other suggestions leave them In the comment section I would love to hear yout thoughts and experiences.




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