EP:006 With Rebecca Ridout : Preparing for what you pray for.

A Super cute, super passionate freaking fireball of a lady, Rebecca shows that if you really want it, if you believe it and work toward it, you can achieve it. She has recently embarked on her debut in phantom of the opera. Rebecca talks us through her 5 year waiting process to see her dreams come to fruition. She is part of the runnings of an orchestra, she has created cabarets, and she is relentless in her pursuit for growth as a perfromer and creative. She is a real testiment that the best things are truly worth waiting for. One of my favourite conversations to date.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • The training buffet gaining knowledge from 3 drama schools 
  • The importance of knowing your strengths
  • Understanding how to be the best in your niche 
  • The power of preparation in your craft 
  • The difference between assurance and hope 
  • Manifesting your destiny with your actions
  • Finding  a healthy life balance to aid your creative pursuit 
  • How a positive mindset will serve you
  • How to Invest in your instrument  without spending tons of money 
  • Why  being realistic will serve you in building a career 
  • The importance of coping with rejection 
  • The reality of west end Auditions ( Its a Business ) 
  • The Mindset behind Staying motivated for 5 years for Phantom ( The story )
  • killer audition technique ( know when your right for something)
  • Rebecca’s tips to success and balance. 
  • The importance of finding happiness 

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