EP.007 With Devin McCarthy : Taking Big risks

Courage Is Simple the theme of the week and the general consensus Is that we as Actors need to step up our game and move toward the direction of taking big bold risks that will eventually serve us In out careers.

Today’s Guest Devin McCarthy Is an Incredible example of someone who has made huge leaps and Ignited courage within her journey and career thus far. Devin Is an Incredible strong women who Is vivacious and full of life, I am in awe of her and I am very excited to have her on the podcast.

This conversation Is so full and gems and my biggest take away Is ‘Jump before you are ready’ because you will never regret taking that action even If the result Is a painful lesson, that lesson Is often tied to a new beginning of some sort which will lead you to a better place than you were before to tool the leap of faith.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction to Devin McCarthy
  • Small choices leading to a great unexpected path
  • Being the first to go to college In her family
  • Letting your curiosity lead to wonder
  • Being unafraid to ask for help
  • Facing the challenge of a new country
  • Throwing yourself wholeheartedly Into what you love
  • Surrounding yourself with good support
  • Understanding when to prioritize yourself
  • Finding healing
  • Cleaning out your circle of Influence and support
  • Understanding the true work life balance as an actor
  • Being confident and Unapologetic In who you truly are
  • The Importance of being proactive and creative as an artist
  • The Importance of Exercising positive thinking
  • Devin tells you to Jump.
  • 3 Secret facts about Devin

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