Yo peeps ! This Episode Is a lil quick fix on a mondays to get you fired up. Today we delve Into courage’ what does it really mean and can we Implement It within Our daily hustle.

Early In our lives before comparison anxiety and pure criticisms falls InI can bet that for the most part we walked effortlessly courageous through our lives and made crazy decisions and took crazy big risks. Lets get back to feeling that way and taking risks In line with our dreams.

The one story that comes to my head right now

Is when I was auditioning for drama school, I was incredible courageous, almost bashful In my volume , my decisions and my actions. Opting to sit on the floor when others were sat obediently on chairs In the round, opting for a controversial monologue when others went for shakespearean classical pieces I fully defied the odds not to be different but to be true to my feelings at that time and looking back the bold steps were big acts of courage which allowed me to shine and expose my authenticity and my fearless approach to this craft.

If you need help being convincedM

I put together 5 reasons putting on your courageous pants will be of use to you In your pursuit for success within your career. Whatever goals, you might want. There is always room to step out in courage.

Number 1 : Channeling your inner courage will help you ask for what you truly deeply want

This could be from your agent. It could be from your friend from your colleague from your family being brave and disclosing or true needs will serve you. And we’ll make room for good things to enter your life. 

Number 2 :Channeling your inner courage will help you identify your gifts things you overlook for fear of judgment or fear of ridicule.

You’ll invest in building that gift that will open you to Joy In a way you have never known, It will gift you with control and you will be empowered at making the decisions when It comes to the trajectory of your own career.

Number 3 : Channeling your inner courage We’ll help you take bold risks

that goal. You’ve had for two years that you have touched. You’ll find any sought to chip away at it. And see it come to fruition because bold step full always lead to more open doors and light in the right direction. 

Number 4: Channeling your inner courage you show up as your true unapologetic authentic self.

This kind of bold display of courage will filter out people who really have no business being In your circle people who aren’t connected to your end goal and people who don’t understand nor fuel your passion.

Number 5 : Channeling your inner courage will help you set big up baron goals for yourself.

If you are not currently setting goals that make you slightly Uncomfortable Goals that you might be uneasy about saying out loud. you certainly need to start now. The key to this is assesses where you are and envisioning where you want to be.

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