Hey there

I'm Lolade rufai

An Actor, Problem Solver & podcaster with big dreams.  I’ve been keepin’ it real since 1991 baby.

I started my journey back in 2010  when i auditioned for the 1 drama school i had my heart set on, with no doubt in my mind that i would make it …I did and so was the story of my life

"A roadmap for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses"

The thing is ...

It seemed like whatever I set my mind to was a done deal, can you imagine that?

i would do and people started to ask me how are you doing this how did you get an agent in New York ,how did you get a manger out in los Angeles how how how ..A good question becaude I am not special,I am no different from you but I was doing was something special


I was obsessed with creating a plan, a plan that consistently brought me results time and time again, all through my life especially through my career. It came so easy to me,I could break down big dreams into tangible steps and make it my reality,  2018 was no different for example…

Time to plan

with my pink bullet journal bought and in hand I began to make my list of all the things i wanted to achieve in my career and it started with getting a new agnent.


24 Emails later, 4 responses and 2In person meetings , I was signed sealed delivered to both GDA management& BAME. Tv Commercial, theatre & Musicals… 


The first part down, I knew i wanted to got to los Angeles and get representation there too so I could better my chances of working stateside.. The green light was born and the ticket was bought 1st of September till December my 90 days was confirmed


28 auditions later, 10 callbacks and 2 Jobs offers, I was hit with a decision , take a year tour that would give me 800 a week allow me to savings make my agent happy or follow my plan for bigger horizons …. I choose the plan 


Surrounded by ambitious talented actors that i call friends who were doing amazing things in their careers i knew i needed to create a platform so people can learn from it, listen and feel like they are not alone and feel like the hustle is hard but they have the power to make it through …

It was the begginning of finding  my purpose  ...


 knew in order to achieve my goal I needed new material , fresh material that was diverse so I created 5 Faces of lola .. A monologue copulation 5 monolougues different accents & scenes to show what I was made of … LA was gonna recognise me 


I had just seen black panther and i knew i wanted to be in it and i knew agents would pay attention to that material and it was the newest thing in town… I created ‘ Her wakanda Calling   

A girl who keeps getting dreams about her calling ..


In flight … savings in hand…material in safe, and ambition in my heart, I was sipping on a tea on isle 42 b waiting for liftoff.. With 90 days and a mission to be accomplished …

I did it & Now

I help Actors who feel stuck

achieve their success

You Are not alone..

Im here to tell you that there is nothing that you put your mind to that you can’t do

There is such a clear process to success and as creatives we were never taught to train this side of our brain that leads us to success.. thatss why only 2% make a living out of acting.. 

The outside world the business sector are trained on productivity and goal achievement as part of their jobs, it’s imbedded in their systems to help them reach goals and achieve results. .. 

But we’ve been left behind .. 

our training Institutions & drama schools build on our creativity but neglect the key to our success… survival .. which is founded on planning & execution ..


Here's the secret

no one shares...

Without a plan

You’ll continue to be in 99% destined to be unemployed juggling jobs like I was..

 A creative with just a dream .. a dream you have no control over .. left in the hands of agents, managers & systems that have no idea who you are and what you truly desire.. 

but I do, you desire , success, freedom to do jobs you are passionate about, creativity that has no limit .. & guess what you deserve.. but you have to truly understand that …

The key to success has to be in your hands

If you are ready for tranformation,  I have created the system the structure that has worked for me. Cultivated in a streamlined structure, simplified and ready to implement to get you the results that you seek and help you take action…

My Addictions

Purely between you & I

Can i trust that you wont use this against me someday?


" When you do good, you get good! Fulfilment comes from serving others, not just hustling to serve yourself.
On the path to success, there is always going to be an opportunity to help someone else be successful too.
Take that opportunity, and be the kind of person who makes a difference in the lives of others"

Denzel Washington

My Favourite things

  • Actor : leonardo decaprio ...
  • Fim : A streetcar Named desire
  • Music : Jazz
  • Artist : Ella, Nina & Christina
  • People : My Familly
  • Belief : God


I m a lover of the old world drop me in the 1920's speak eazy's a jessica rabbit dress and a smoky stage and Im in heaven ..

My Repertoire

  • Black Coffee...
  • My baby Just Cares for me
  • Little Joe
  • I've got the world on a string

thats my mission to equipp you with the tools to change your life..thats my mission & im proud of it. let's share a little more..

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Actor Planner Review

From my experience and my change of mindset I don't understand why any actor wouldn't want to feel this motivated and confident, It has stopped me from whinning and I've started taking Action.
Hannah Tarrington