Building your community

Hi Guys, This is a very brief post about the power of community. So by now hopefully you know that I have a podcast, where I Speak to Creatives about their journeys  and achivements within the creative Industry in order to enlighten performers, Share Knowledge and create healthy Conversation on ... READ the POST

Staying Creative

Hi guys this is a 3 step tip sheet for getting creative In a place far from home.  1 Watch a show  ~  When in a new location one of the things I do is google the nearest theatre and go and see a show, not only does that give your purpose and keep you rejuvinated for the journey ahead but I think ... READ the POST

Podcast Trailer

Are you a creative who has been pursuing a career some time  ? Are you a new graduate excited about what the creative scene has to offer? have you been in and out shows you like and are ready to take it a step higher to do shows you love? do you work a regular day job with a underlying ... READ the POST

So Goal Getter

Where's the plan?

Big goals + no plan = 0 success. Tell you what, download my planner and get your goal smashed.

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