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Does the Idea of using social media for your career make you uncomfortable and nervous  all at the same time? 

 If so, Good. you are In the right place and we are going to work on that!

Understanding Social Media Is A course for Actors Feeling Overwhelmed; and completly out of their depth with social media.

This 6 module course will give you a step by step guide breakdown of each platform, empowering you with the tools to set  it up and the understanding  and the techniques needed to use them all to your advantage.

Prepare to choose the right platform for you. Connect with your peers and get closer to making your dream a reality with  ZERO confusion , ZERO fluff and ZERO Time wasting

Social media doesn’t have to be out of your depth ; Join the Actors making great connections who are on the road to making Their dream a reality. 


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Ok so your not scared of social Media but your getting so sick of not knowing what to post and you really want to stand out as a creative who knows what the heck they are doing?

Cool this will rock your world…

Instagram for actors Is a Course for Actors who are eager to adapt to the new age; readt to stand out & connect with action takers and decision makers in the Industry. 

IFA Will teach you  how to take complete control of your online presence. Using the top Techniques ; Templates & systems to propell you forward.

Learn to design a unique feed, Maximise Instagram features, Post consistently  and build  an engaged and  thriving community.  

Let your virtual presence  bring you peace.  Feel confident not worries when an  actor; friend or Agent ask’s you .. Do you use social media…?   

You can’t control who is searching for you but you can control what they find.

You deserve to have ..YOUR Personality , YOUR Skills and YOUR Passion shine,  long before you Walk into the room.. 

So let it… 


STARTS AT £97.00

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